January 2019
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June 25th, Site Visit…

At this point, most of the equipment is in place and I don’t think we are in for any big changes in how things look:

Server cabinets are on the floor and power is being run.

Cabinets Cabinets

In the transport area you can see the fiber being spliced.

Transport Transport

We are really getting there…

June 17th, Site Visit…

Lots happening now that all the equipment has arrived:

Pulling wire from the transformer into the electrical room.

Transformer Electrical Room

Load banks for testing the generators.

Load Bank Load Bank

Wiring up the generators.

Generator Generator

CRAH units.

CRAH Units CRAH Units

Some video of the work in the electrical room.  Pulling wires and removing breakers for testing.

June 12th, Site Visit…

The switchgear has arrived a week early and everyone is relieved it’s here…

Switchgear Switchgear

Talk about a tight fit!

Switchgear Switchgear

Switchgear Switchgear

June 5th Site Visit…

We are picking up speed this week as the large equipment arrives…


Generators Generators


Chillers Chillers

UPS and battery cabinets


Maintenance bypass switchgear and PDU’s

Maintenance Bypass Switchgear PDU

One of the NOC offices and some RPP’s

NOC Offices RPP

Late next week they will begin installing the floor tiles in the data center.  When that is complete I believe we will see some dramatic changes in a very short period of time.

June 3rd Site Visit…

The cabinets have arrived and are temporarily staged on the north side of the building.

Server Cabinets Server Cabinets

The chiller pipes are now insulated and the loop is complete.

Chiller Pipes Chiller Pipes

The ceiling grid is about 75% installed.  Overhead lighting as well…

Lights and Ceiling Lights and Ceiling

Tomorrow the chillers and UPS’s arrive, and the follwoing day the generators will be delivered.

May 29th Site Visit…

They are moving right along with the conduit installation and are ready to pour the concrete pads for the switchgear.

Conduit Switchgear

HVAC units for the electrical room, along with chiller pipes.  The pipes are now insulated.

HVAC in Electrical Room Chiller Pipes

How do you install 10,000 square feet of ceiling grid in about four hours?  Lots of guys wearing stilts.  And let me just say that these guys are amazing.  They literally jump up onto the stilts and then buckle them on.  I wouldn’t want to fall…

Ceiling Grid Ceiling Grid

The CRAH units have been delivered and are awaiting installation.

CRAH Units CRAH Units

May 19th Site Visit…

Conduit running into electrical room

Conduit Conduit

More conduit

Conduit Conduit

Chiller pipes

Chiller Pipes Chiller Pipes


Ductwork Ductwork

Concrete pads for the generators

Generator Pads Generator Pads

May 11th Pictures…

Chiller pipes are being welded, and four foot diameter ductwork hung from the ceiling

Chiller Pipes Ductwork

Trenching and conduit for generator power

Trenching Conduit

NOC offices

NOC Offices NOC

May 6th…


Transformer Transformer

Concrete piers for chillers

Concrete Piers Concrete Piers

On the left is the conduit for the switchgear, and then a picture of the general activity.   Those round tubes are the main ductwork for the HVAC.

Conduit General Activity

Today’s Visit…

2000 square foot colo room

Colo Room Colo Room

Concrete Cutting

Transformer Wet Saw

Foundation for chiller units

Chiller Plant Chiller Plant

Completed trenching for chiller pipes

Chiller Trench Chiller Trench

Future concrete pads for the switchgear in the power room, and a birds eye view of the chiller pipe trench.

Switch Gear Pads Trench