January 2019
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Moving Right Along…Drywall.

The word of the day is drywall.  A lot has happened this week, and it’s all about the drywall…

Power Room

Power Room dsc00351

NOC Room


In the Data Center

Data Center Data Center

This morning concrete was poured in the trench.  Once this dries, more forms will be put in place and the side walls will be completed.

Trench Concrete Forms


We all know that water and computers don’t mix, so when you are building a data center that uses a chilled water system for the HVAC it is very important to make sure no water can spill onto the data center floor.  That is accomplished with a trench for all chilled water piping:

Chilled Water Trench Chilled Water Trench

And speaking of conduit, do you think this is enough to get us started?

Conduit Conduit


Demolition is a quick and dramatic way to change any space.  Pull up some carpet, remove the ceiling tiles and ductwork, and a room becomes unrecognizable.  For example:

The data center was at one time a room full of cubicles with supervisor offices along the exterior wall.  As an open shell it looks slightly different.

Data Center Before Data Center After

A more closeup view

Data Center Before Data Center After

From another angle

Data Center Before Data Center After

The power room

Power Room Before Power Room After

I think the programmer offices have seen better days

Programmers Offices Programmers Office

It’s amazing what can happen in a week.

New Digs…

As you all know, NationalNet will be moving to a new office and data center.  I thought it might be a nice idea to chronicle the buildout so that you can see the progress. You can click on any of the images to see the full sized version.  Here we go…

The Front of the Building

From the Front

The Lobby


Main Hallway

Main Hallway

Future Data Center

Future Data Center

Hardware Lab

Hardware Lab

Sales Offices

Sales Offices

And Most Importantly, the Break Room

Break Room

I think you get the general idea.  An empty office isn’t really much to look at, and since we don’t have pictures of all the offices lets move on to the fun stuff, namely the demolition!